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Jobsite safety is priority No. 1. We expect our employees to be safety conscience on and off the job. We strive to teach our employees that safety is
essential in all aspects of the job, regardless of the trade. In order to instill this importance into our employees we have created a culture where
safety is first.

We have built this culture based on:

  • A Certified Safety Instructor to manage our Safety Department and conduct training classes with the assistance of our full time Safety Jobsite Officer
  • A fulltime Safety Risk Manager
  • Accident Free Employee Incentive Plan
  • An active role in the AGC & ABC Safety Committees
  • Job Site Hazard Analysis forms are generated for each new project and/or phase if necessary
  • Monthly Safety Committee meetings
  • Quarterly claim’s status reviews with Insurance Company
  • Quarterly meetings with Insurance Company’s Risk Manager
  • Regular tool safety checks
  • STAR Training Program


The Goal

To empower safety and quality through a comprehensive training
program, STAR, while reducing accidents, minimizing risks, and improving workmanship.

The Program

The STAR program reinforces our dedication to excellence through a Step-by-Step approach to Safety Training and
Professional Development. This program recognizes and awards employees for reaching each levels and career

The Levels

Each of the five levels have a corresponding list of courses that must be completed in order to move to the next level. Upon completion of a
level, employees are granted access to work according to their level of training in the STAR program.


Accident Free Employee Program

To foster excellence in all areas of service, Sherwood Mechanical offers an additional plan, above and beyond STAR, to help promote jobsite
safety. This incentive plan rewards employees for each hour of accident-free employment