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Anton G.

July 2, 2019 Anton G.

I wanted to extend our thanks, and those of the University, to you and the Sherwood Mechanical team for your commitment and dedication to the successful construction of the Zura Hall project. With an accelerated design schedule and an even shorter time to deliver the work it was a challenge enough. Add in the unforeseen challenges of an aged structure, an approval agency that constantly threatened to derail the process and limitless other opportunities for problems and it becomes evident that it was the united efforts of even player on the team stepping up to the challenge that made it a success. Also, BBC commends you for your help in the design coordination process as well as ongoing stellar performance in the field for installation as well as solving problems in an expeditious manner. We value the partnership that was developed along the way and I give special thanks to you for your coordination, positive energy and commitment. I can definitively endorse Sherwood Mechanical, Inc. for any client looking for a ’go to’ subcontractor and am already looking forward to our next project together.