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Kevin H.

July 2, 2019 Kevin H.

The Sherwood team went above and beyond on this project. I can say with confidence, everyone from CWD enjoyed working with Sherwood. The Sherwood accounting team was the best out of all Soboba subcontractors as it relates to billings and material invoices. The foremen were excellent and worked extremely well with other trades, only receiving high marks from our Field Supervision. Your project manager was attentive and responsive to the project’s needs. He was very fair and was a great resource for plumbing answers (my go-to). Your BIM team/consultants did great on the project and seemed to work well with the other trades/consultants as well. I only had a couple ‘top performers’ on this project, SMI being one of them. I appreciate the team you put together and staffed; It clearly showed and led to the success of the project.